Say hello to simple PowerPoint management.

 Manage PowerPoint files on desktop, laptop and iPad   


Slidebank is an online PowerPoint database for managing, building and sharing presentations online securely.


Find Slides Instantly

Slidebank search puts powerful slides at your fingertips. Search across tags, slide content, ownership, speaker notes and more.

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Rapidly Build PPT Presentations

Drag & Drop slides into new presentations. Reorder them, apply the right brand template, and you're good to go!

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Access Slides from Anywhere

Build new presentations on the go from your laptop or iPad, ready for that all important client meeting.

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Share knowledge across your company

Slidebank is designed to break down silos, centralise content and leverage your company's most valuable asset: knowledge.


Maximise Marketing Collateral

Slidebank's rich feature set is designed to help you get the maximum value out of your investment in marketing materials.

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Slidebank is easy to use.


There's little to learn, so teams can be up and running quickly, doing what they do best.

Sales teams get to spend more time giving winning presentations, not writing them. 

Marketing teams can focus on creating powerful new content, not managing what's already there.